Product Management Consulting Services

Factional help in bringing products to market!

Why use Easily Solved?

  1. We're neutral. Experience taught us the best way to spark innovation and change your business is with outside, neutral party help.

  2. We can dig in. As a neutral party, and with confidentiality, we can interview your entire team. We include management, development /engineering, sales, marketing, customer support, and customers. This gives you an overall assessment.

  3. We despise groupthink. We keep our eyes open for groupthink and discourage its practice every step of the way.

  4. We strengthen your team. In the end, our goal is to draw the best out of your existing team so you can achieve long term success.


  • “It’s been years since we’ve had new ideas for products. Who would have thought we knew it all along?”
  • “Thank you, Paul, for giving us direction. Our new strategy makes perfect sense.”
  • “Our team is now has a mission!”
  • “You clarified our direction. Thank you."
  • “I used to ask customers what they wanted. Thank you for helping us figure out what they really needed”
  • “The idea funnel, what a great concept.”
  • "Your use of TED talks was ingenious."
  • "The team brainstorming session was great."
  • "You are indeed a great trainer and facilitator. Bravo to you."
  • "The survey results were enlightening."
  • "You asked just the right questions."
  • "Who knew that low selling product was important to the product line."
  • "We are relying too heavily on our core products. Thank you for teaching us about adjacent and transformational products."

Typical Areas Where We Can Pitch In!

Innovation & Product Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Product Line Gap Analysis

  • Confidential Employee Surveys

  • Product Roadmap Development

  • Product Brainstorming / Ideation

  • Groupthink Annihilation

  • Product Concept Evaluation

Uncovering Needs and Problems

  • Branding

  • Voice of Customer Interviews

  • "Fly on the wall" (Observer in the Room)

  • Networking "Man in the Room"

  • Tradeshow Spy / Intelligence Gathering


  • Ghost Blog Writing

  • Whitepapers

  • Mission Statements / Elevator Speeches

  • Press Releases

  • Customer Surveys

  • Ghost Author of Technical Papers


  • Development of Training Materials

  • Train Customers

  • Train the Trainers

Data Services

  • Data Gathering

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Migration and Mining

  • Robotic Process Automation